A loft conversion on a Budget

Date Posted: 8th March 2018

So you have decided to convert your loft. You will no doubt add value to your house and gain much-needed space without having to endure the stresses of moving house.

You need more space, but don’t have a huge budget. Go for a simple conversion, but don’t scrimp on materials. Cheap insulation, for example, will not do you any favours and in the long run, you will spend more on heating your house. Cheap materials can lead to early wear and tear and unnecessary repairs, again costing you in the long run. There are however decisions you can make that will drastically increase or reduce the cost of your build:

The type of staircase you add

The number of rooms in your loft conversion

Whether to add a bathroom

Having a dormer window or a skylight

We will have a closer look at the pros and cons of adding a dormer window. There is no right or wrong, it comes purely down to each individuals’ requirements and budget and of course whether there are any building constraints. To help you decide, we have drawn up a list of advantages and disadvantages for dormer windows and skylights:



  • Having a dormer window fitted will undoubtedly increase your loft space to a much larger scale and therefore add more value to your home than a skylight.
  • You will have a lot more options when it comes to the functionality of the space you are trying to create and the room will be very aesthetically pleasing.
  • You will gain head height and therefore also have a much larger amount of options when it comes to furnishing the room. This is important if the space is to be permanently occupied.
  • You will create a versatile space that is also more structurally sound.


  • The installation will take considerably longer, and the cost of the build will, of course, be higher.
  • There are also more things that can go wrong, which makes a dormer window much higher maintenance than a normal skylight.

Let’s look at the Skylight in comparison:


  • The cost is considerably lower than having a dormer window fitted.
  • The actual conversion will be quicker and in the long run lower maintenance.


  • You do not gain the additional headroom that you do with a dormer making the room less functional and versatile.
  • Adding furniture to the room can become a lot harder as do your options for the use of the room.
  • You will often also find that you have a lot less light coming into your loft room.

To summarise, adding any sort of opening into your roof and adding a window will immediately add light to a dark space making it more aesthetically pleasing. You will gain indirect solar light and also ventilation to your room. However, you will have unavoidable planning requirements regardless of what type of opening you decide on and costs for both options as well – still unsure? Well, this is when CS Carpentry & Construction can support you through every step. Contact us now on…..



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